Membership Requirements

Membership is open to those audiologists who have been awarded at least a Masters degree in audiology or the equivalent from a regionally accredited institute of higher learning and are licensed by a state to practice audiology. In addition, audiologists will have had to successfully complete a recognized tinnitus training course/seminar.  Effective Jan. 1, 2007, applicants who are 2007 or later graduates entering the field of audiology must hold a Doctoral degree with a major in audiology from a regionally accredited institute of higher learning. 2006 or earlier graduates may apply with at least a Masters degree. ALL MEMBERSHIP APPLICATIONS ARE PENDING UNTIL APPROVED BY THE ASSOCIATION’S BOARD OF DIRECTORS.


Membership categories are assigned by the level of expertise of the applicant.

Associate Membership (Associate Members have taken the TPA Associate Course or a minimum of one TPA approved post formal education tinnitus course/seminar and have a minimum of six months experience with tinnitus patients.)

Fellow Membership (Fellow Members have taken extensive post formal education tinnitus coursework which may or may not include the TPA Fellow Course and have extensive experience working with tinnitus and decreased sound tolerance patients.

Professional Information (directory)
First Name
Last Name
Company Name

Are you currently a licensed professional in the state in which you practice? Yes   No   
Are you currently under disciplinary action from any state licensing board? Yes   No   

Highest Degree
Tinnitus Course(s) ?
Years of Experience with Tinnitus Patients
Years of Experience with Decreased Sound Tolerance Patients

Check all that apply
Adult Audiologic Rehabilitation   
Pediatric Audiologic Rehabilitation   
Auditory Evoked Response (ABR)   
Auditory Processing Disorders   
Cochlear Implants   
Adult Diagnostics   
Pediatric Diagnostics   
Electronystagmography (ENG)   
Hearing Aid Dispensing   
Hearing Conservation   
Intraoperative Monitoring   
Vestibular Testing/Rehab   

Current Affiliations
Check all that apply
ASHA    AAA    ADA   
ASA    ARA    Other 

Membership Fee
Membership Fees are determined by the type of Director Listing you are applying for .  The fee amount depends on the type of membership you apply for and will not be processed until the application is approved by the TPA Board of Directors.  
  Tinnitus and Decreased Sound Tolerance (3 year)  $250.00                                 
  Tinnitus and Decreased Sound Tolerance (1 year)  $150.00                                    Tinnitus Only                                         (1 year)  $100.00 
  Allied Professional or Student                  (1 year)  $100.00                           

I have read and agree to abide by the Code of Ethics of the Tinnitus Practitioners Association. I agree that all information that I have supplied is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.
I understand the Security Policy of the Tinnitus Practitioners Association regarding the handling and usage of my personal and credit card information provided within this application.

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